Wedding Cakes

The cake is a unique feature of any wedding because it allows you to showcase your taste, not only in its flavour, but in the style you have chosen for you special day. Chris Beard’s passion for cake creation spurred him into establishing his own business and thus Ilma Cakes was born.


Named for Chris’s grandmother and culinary inspiration, Ilma Cakes is committed to working closely with wedding couples to create the perfect cake design to represent their personalities and delight the taste buds of their guests. Gone are the days of a one size fits all wedding cake where fruitcake swathed in a layer of marzipan was the only option considered suitable for a wedding.


Bright colours and bold themes, classic white tiers, spirals of cupcakes; limited only by your imagination, Ilma Cakes prides themselves on taking your ideas and crafting them into a final product that brings your cake vision to life. Let Ilma Cakes provide that final sweet note to your wedding celebration.

From September to March we are extremely busy and you should book as early as possible to avoid disappointment.

  • All cakes are made to order and are hand delivered to your venue on the day of the function and is included in cake quote

  • You can supply your own pictures, links and designs via our quote request form

  • You will need to know how you are serving the cake for example,

    1. As dessert: you need a large slice of cake and need to cater for every person attending the function as the cake is a part of the formal meal and a generous slice has to be put in front of the guest whether they are going to eat it or not . When the cake is served as dessert you normally need 3 times as much cake as when the serving is as a coffee slice.

    2. As coffee: a "finger" slice which is normally served on a platter towards the end of the evening. A general rule is that you need only cater for 70% of the guests.

Wedding Cake Consultations

Our free one-on-one consultation gives you the opportunity to meet with us and discuss options for your special day. You will find that working with us gives you the flexibility of a truly custom cake design. You are free to bring in your desired cake ideas, or have us design a cake to your specification.

Other Sweet Treats Available

  • Sugar Cookies

  • Cake Pops

  • Cupcakes

  • Donuts

  • Mini Cakes

  • Fondant Figurines

  • Sugar Flowers

Contact us for options and pricing

Popular Cake Flavours

* Mars Bar Mud with layers of mars bar chocolate ganache and salted caramel

* Snickers Mud with layers of milk chocolate ganache, crushed nuts and caramel sauce

* Jaffa Mud- Orange & Dark Chocolate with orange infused chocolate ganache

* Lemon citrus cake with layers of lemon curd, lemon infused buttercream and crushed meringue

* Butterscotch cake with layers of toffee and caramel buttercream

* Red Velvet – Red Velvet with layers of white chocolate buttercream

* Caramel Mud with layers of caramel sauce and caramel butter cream

* Dark Choc Mud with layers of milk chocolate ganache

* White Choc Mud with layers of white chocolate ganache

* White Choc Raspberry Mud with layers of raspberry white chocolate ganache

* Humming Bird with layers of white chocolate buttercream

 * White Chocolate Mud & Fresh Berry with layers of berry infused white chocolate ganache

* White Chocolate Mud & Macadamia with layers of macadamia infused white chocolate ganache

* Dark Chocolate Mud & Fresh Berry with layers of berry infused milk chocolate ganache

* Salted Caramel Mud with layers of salted caramel sauce and caramel butter cream

* Chocolate Cherry Ripe with layers of cherry ripe infused milk chocolate ganache

* Orange & Poppy seed with orange infused buttercream

* Gluten Free Choc Mud or Vanilla Flour-less (gluten free

* Traditional Fruit Cake (secret family recipe)

+Many more options available

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