About Ilma Cakes


Just about anything you are after if it involves cake! Whether it be a wedding cake, a christening cake, a child’s party theme, a corporate event or an adults hobby – we can customize cakes to your specifications.


Christopher Beard qualified pastry chef and cake decorator. He has been working with the team at Rough Diamond producing all the sweet treats and delicious pastries, but now decided to pursue his dream of running his own business and furthering his cake decorating skills!

Growing up on a dairy farm next to my nanna there was always fresh cakes, sponges, cookies or other sweet treats awaiting us gran kids. My nanna was a true artist armed with her combustion stove and old school hand beater she could whip up pure magic. Ilma (nanna) is and always will be my inspiration to strive for perfection, continue improving and most importantly do her proud. So when it came to naming my big venture it was a no brainer!


A look through our Testimonials and the postings of customers on our Facebook Page provide some examples of the feedback that we typically receive.


We also offer this service for other custom designed cakes such as birthday, christening etc.